Meet the Medics Monday-Zip

Meet Mike Vanderperren.  Better known as “Zip” a nickname he got on his first day as a shift cadet at Gold Cross.  He has been an employee of Gold Cross since 1988, going on 31 years of full time service! He is the 1,143rd Paramedic to be licensed in the state of Wisconsin, making him one of the original Paramedics in the entire state! Zip, What is your favorite part about being a Paramedic? “The people I work with and […]

Emergency Vehicle Operation at Gold Cross: Keeping our Employees, Patients, and the Public Safe.

Happy Friday! Today, nine Gold Cross Ambulance Paramedics and EMTs, myself included, completed the EVOC refresher at Fox Valley Technical College Public Safety Training Center.  EVOC, or Emergency Vehicle Operation Course, is designed to teach Emergency Vehicle Drivers safe driving techniques for driving with or without lights and sirens.  Activities in the course include safe backing, serpentine maneuvers, emergency stopping, road recovery and accident avoidance. All Emergency Drivers are required to renew this certification every 2 years. From 1999-2011, there […]

Can the Ice Scraper in Your Back Seat Save Lives?

With the arrival of the beautiful fall colors in the Fox Valley, many of us are waking up to a frosty windshield. Personally, I have been guilty of running late in the morning and taking off with a partially frosted windshield and windows on a brisk morning. Not only is this dangerous, but illegal in Wisconsin! [1] It may mean setting your alarm 10 minutes earlier than normal to avoid unsafe and reckless driving habits. In addition, you also have […]